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Visit my photography page to check out some of my photo galleries. The photos range from pictures of my kids to nature and just about everything in between.

Code Snippets

Stop in here for some geek code sharing. When I have some free time, I add code snippets in languages like PHP, jQuery, CSS, and whatever else I’m feeling at the time.

Off the Record

Keep up with my latest goings-on with my recent personal blog posts.

Hooray for Photos!

I have taken my sweet time with adding photos to my site. I’ve played around with using Flickr and Instagram, but in the end I really just wanted my own galleries, on my own site. I know, I can be a bit of a control freak. So here we go. I managed to get a few...

Latest Recordings

Just a girl and her guitar…and a MacBook, headphones, capo, pick, and Intellituner, to be more precise

Every Time I Fall in Love

Hurray for new recordings, right? This is my first recording since injuring my finger and unfortunately it is a bit obvious in a few of the guitar strums. It is a little hard to play with this big bandage on my strumming hand. I left out of all of the instrumental (or...

Coma White

Just when you think I’ve hung up those fishnets and spiked bracelets forever, here I come with a recording of a Marilyn Manson song. Okay, so I really did hang up those fishnets and everything that went with it, but I thought this one would be a fun throwback...

Code Snippets

Pure CSS Tooltips

Remember the time where tooltips required Javascript code and all that jazz? Thankfully those days are long gone. You can have great looking tooltips using just CSS. Here is an easy sample that displays the tooltip in a gradient pink with white, three-dimensional...

Trying something new today

It is no secret that I prefer working on a Mac. The stability, the tools, the overall awesomeness says it all. But I also prefer working on a desktop over a laptop, and when it comes to the Mac Pro, it isn’t cheap. (The system I want runs right around $10k...

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